For me design is a way of thinking and not just beautiful forms, compelling lines and attractive colours. The values and thoughts that go into a project are the keystones for any work I do. I ask myself what the goal or purpose is. How will this add value to people or to the planet. These values are then made into a story which I visualize into a concept or product, thus manifesting my visions on to the physical world.  


I'm a 28 year old designer from Denmark, with a Bachelor of Arts from Design Academy Eindhoven. Here I have explored many areas of design and I've found a particular interest in design thinking. How you integrate complex and conceptual ideas into conventional design development and reach into the every day life of people. Through my work I always strive to question our way of life and to bring new thoughts and positive change into this world and the people who live in it.





2020 - now:          Independent product & concept designer


Since 2020, I have worked on a number of furniture projects. Including the Re-C chair. The chair is a flat pack recycled chair, which I hope to put into production. Another current project of mine is an upholstered armchair and stool designed in collaboration with textile designer Sarah Brunnhuber. Re-C has been developed with support from the Danish art foundation. The prototype was produced during a residency at the National Workshops for Arts.

2020 - now:          Founder & project manager, VandrerHistorier (urban legends)


Founder & project manager of VandrerHistorier; a free digital cultural dissemination platform. This platform combines outdoor life with cultural dissemination and will consist of culture and nature audiowalks connected

to hiking trails and routes around Denmark. If everything goes according to plan and we obtain funding, it will be launched in the autumn of 2021.

2019:          Junior Architect, Rosan Bosch


At Rosan Bosch I was hired to work on the concept and design development of a sensory home in Denmark for mentally and physically disabled people. My work here involved researching the needs and conditions necessary to create such a home. It also involved designing the grand spatial layout of the home, as well as designing custom elements and furniture, for the specific rooms. Next to this project i also worked on other large spatial projects particularly within the educational field in both Denmark and abroad.   

2017:            Design intern: SUPERFLEX, Copenhagen 


At SUPERFLEX I worked on projects from the initial sketching phase to technical drawings and final production. One of my main projects was the design development; from research to concept and sketching of a large installation in the Turbine Hall in London called ‘One, Two, Three swing'.


2014-2018:  Design Academy Eindhoven, department: Man and Leisure

At DAE I have been conceptual challenged to rethink the purpose of design. At the same time, I have learnt valuable skills in how to transform abstract ideas into meaningful products for people. Fun, sustainable, simple, purposeful and engaging are some of the key words for my work.

2016:           Exchange at The Royal Danish Art Academy, department: Industrial design 

2013-2014:  Gerrit Rietveld, Amsterdam, Preparation course

2013:           Scandinavian Design College, Randers Denmark


Statens kunstfond 2020, grant - Re-C

Statens værksteder 2020, residency - Re-C

Dutch design week 2018 - The Value of Origin

Madrid design week 2018 - Bolardo In Use 

Dutch design week 2015 - Great Filters 



Rhino 3D & Keyshot
Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro & Photoshop 
Wood working

Metal work; welding, casting ect.

Ceramic, mold making and casting
Conceptual thinking 


Mobile: +45 71 82 09 14