The Re-C is a lacquered chair made from recycled wood. The chair is made with principles of circularity and user involvement. It’s a chair designed to give new and lasting life to discarded material. A chair where sustainability is the bedrock, and which proves that recycled furniture can be just as lively as new ones. 

Four steps

The chair was developed with the support of Statens Kunstfond and Statens værksteder. 

Still in process. 


Re-C comes to be in four simple and conscious steps. Firstly, all wood for the chair comes from recycled sources. The priority here is using hard wood that has been discarded and waste wood from production processes, thrown away due to its imperfections such as knots. The wood for one chair can originate from different species. Secondly the longevity of the wood is acquired through re-processing the wood into simple and geometric shapes. 

In the third step the chair is lacquered in one of six colours from the Re- C collection, this transforms the wood into one united piece giving it new life. Finally all chairs are flat packed, shipped out and assembled by the customer. Each part can be exchanged if one should break, guaranteeing an even longer lifespan.

Studio pictures by Alana Ocaño

Process & pre-laquered